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AOZ SOFTWARE JSC Vietnam, an AI/ML Software Development and Outsourcing company headquartered in Ho Chi Minh, India.

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Our Solution Ecosystem

Martech - Digital marketing management platform, brand management and building potential customer data

Business & Sales

Applying technology in business and sales activities creates a single platform to manage leads, engage with customers and close deals

Production & operations

Production & operations software for businesses will optimize work efficiency and time to ensure an organization's success in the business environment

Purchasing & Warehouse Management

Managing purchasing activities and warehouse management on a digital platform helps businesses manage effectively and transparently, ensuring supply and connectivity for key activities

Financial & Accounting

Manage accounting and financial activities for businesses on a digital, automated, and consistent platform. Data communication throughout the entire operating system

Human Resource Management

Solutions to help businesses manage, exploit and make maximum use of human resources

Development & Innovation

Development and innovation activities play an important role for businesses to develop and grow sustainably, especially in the digital technology age.

Business System

Gathering technology platforms is a business management solution in the digital age!

Leader Management

Applying technology helps leaders operate businesses automatically and make decisions in real time

Our Services

We Are Development of all Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning , Mobile App, Web App And Outsourcing


Our main industries

  • Ecommerce
  • Helthcare
  • FnB
  • Finance & Consulting
  • Retail
  • Hotel Travel
  • Logistics
  • Business Startup
  • Business Startup
  • Logistics
  • Hotel Travel
  • Retail
  • Finance & Consulting
  • FnB
  • Helthcare
  • Ecommerce
About us

Outsourcing,Technology integration of AI And Machine Learning Is Core Value Our Business Model

AOZ SOFTWARE JSC is the partner of choice for many of the world’s leading enterprises, SMEs and technology challengers. We help businesses enhance their value through custom software development, product design, QA, and consulting services.

What we do

Deliver agile business solutions using data science, machine learning and AI technologies integrated into web app, mobile app, software and saas product for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of artificial intelligence in software development is determined by many factors:

  • Scale of the project
  • Set of technologies involved
  • Number of development hours

Our team assists you in every possible way, balancing the cost and quality of your product for maximum satisfaction. To get a concrete assessment of your future AI solution, contact us and we will quickly provide you with all the information you need.

As an individual or startup entrepreneur looking to develop and launch SaaS products, mobile applications, or web applications, here are some steps you can take:

1. Define Your Idea: Start by clarifying your vision and determining the problem your product will solve or the value it will provide. Conduct market research to understand your target audience, competition, and market demand. This will help you validate your idea and refine it further.

2. Create a Detailed Plan: Develop a comprehensive plan that outlines the features, functionality, and user experience of your product. Consider the technical requirements, development timeline, and resource allocation. This plan will serve as a roadmap for execution.

3. Build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP): To keep costs low, focus on building an MVP with essential features that demonstrate the core value proposition of your product. This will allow you to launch quickly and gather feedback from initial users.

4. Design and Development: Work with experienced designers and developers to bring your product to life. Ensure that the user experience and interface are intuitive, visually appealing, and aligned with your target audience’s preferences.

5. Test and Iterate: Conduct rigorous testing of your product to identify any bugs, user experience issues, or areas for improvement. Gather user feedback and iterate on your product based on the insights gained.

6. Launch and Marketing: Once you are confident in the stability and functionality of your product, plan an effective marketing strategy to create awareness and attract users. Leverage digital marketing, social media, content creation, and other channels to build your user base.

Now, regarding the budget of under $5,000, it may be challenging to develop and launch a fully-featured SaaS product, mobile application, or web application with such a limited budget. However, there are cost-saving strategies you can consider:

1. MVP Development: Focus on building an MVP with essential features to validate your idea and gather user feedback. This helps in keeping development costs lower initially.

2. Outsourcing: Consider outsourcing certain development tasks or partnering with freelance developers who offer competitive rates. This can help reduce costs compared to hiring a dedicated in-house development team.

3. Open-Source Platforms: Utilize open-source frameworks and platforms that provide a solid foundation for building your product. This can save you on licensing and development costs.

4. DIY Approach: If you have the required technical skills or can learn them, you can take a hands-on approach and develop the product yourself. However, keep in mind the learning curve and potential trade-offs regarding quality and time.

It’s important to note that while it may be possible to develop and launch a basic product within this budget, additional costs may arise for areas like marketing, ongoing maintenance, and scalability. Therefore, it is crucial to plan your budget thoughtfully and be prepared for potential variations.

Remember, as an entrepreneur, resourcefulness, creativity, and the ability to prioritize are key. Conduct thorough research and make informed decisions to maximize your chances of success within the given budget constraints.

The time spent on developing and implementing outsourcing solutions can vary depending on various factors, including the complexity of the project, the scope of work, and the specific requirements of the client and the outsourcing services company. It is not possible to provide a specific timeline as it can vary greatly from project to project.

However, the typical development and implementation process for outsourcing solutions involves several stages:

1. Discovery and Assessment: This initial phase involves understanding the client’s needs, objectives, and current processes. It may include conducting a thorough analysis of the existing systems, identifying areas for improvement, and determining the potential benefits and risks of outsourcing. The duration of this phase can vary based on the size and complexity of the project.

2. Solution Design: Once the assessment phase is complete, the outsourcing services company will work on designing a customized outsourcing solution that aligns with the client’s goals. This includes defining the scope of work, identifying the resources required, and creating a detailed plan for implementation. The duration of this phase will depend on the complexity of the solution and the level of customization required.

3. Implementation and Transition: The next phase involves setting up the necessary infrastructure, processes, and systems to smoothly transition the work from the client to the outsourcing services company. This may include training the team, establishing communication channels, and addressing any technical or logistical challenges. The timeline for implementation and transition will vary depending on the scale of the outsourcing project and the readiness of the client and the outsourcing services company.

4. Ongoing Management and Optimization: Once the outsourcing solution is implemented, it requires continuous management, monitoring, and optimization to ensure its effectiveness and efficiency. This involves regular performance evaluations, addressing any issues or bottlenecks, and making necessary adjustments to improve the overall outsourcing process.

It is important to note that each outsourcing project is unique, and the time required for development and implementation can vary significantly. It is advisable for the client and the outsourcing services company to have open and ongoing communication to ensure that the process stays on track and any challenges are addressed promptly for successful project completion.

User Feedback

We love our Clients & they Love us.

We build modern web, software, mobile app and AI tools to help you jump-start your daily business work.

"Super friendy, extremely quick and very helpful. Thanks for the prompt response. It look literally 10 minutes to sort issues out ."
Mr. Ricky (CEO)

"Fivestars for everything! Quality, design, documentation, code, etc!!! Great product form a great company. The suport is one of the best. ”
Mr.Stanley (CEO)

"Very quick customer support, installing this application on my machine locally, within 5 minutes of creating a ticket, the developet was able to fix the issues i had within 10 minutes. Excellent! Thank you very much."
Mr.Jason (Vice CEO)
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