Phuc Tran

CEO of Company
  • Department: BOD
  • Experience: 10 Years
  • Email:
  • Phone: +84-906-753-438

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First of all, AOZ SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS JSC (abbreviated as AOZ SOFTWARE) would like to send greetings and best wishes to customers who are business owners doing business in the field of fnb, retail. , spa, service and production.

AOZ SOFTWARE brings unique designs on demand, in accordance with customer experience according to each business and industry. At the same time ensure technical quality and features according to customer requirements. Now, our company sincerely sends you this open letter with the desire to connect you with the services of AOZ SOFTWARE as an approach to support your business in business activities. AOZ SOFTWARE hopes to share and accompany you in future business plans.

As a technology enterprise with products developed in 2018 and officially completed in 2021. We provide more than 10 products in the same ecosystem of AOZ SOFTWARE:

1.1.create wordpress website automatically like
1.2.move web to app:
1.3. create automatic PHP programming language web:
1.4. create automatic web and app with: and
1.5. Applications for fnb have: reshub , woopos of
1.6 applications for retail include: Variwoo App, Varishop of
1.8. App for spa:
1.9 about business management software:
2.0 about the application of the AI network: (including text-to-speech conversion, content writing, planning, visual design …)

Business field

Software, AI and Fintech.

Activity group

CTO Vietnam Network, Cộng Đồng Doanh Nhân Nam Hương, Câu lạc bộ, Câu lạc bộ học viện CEO Việt Nam, Câu lạc bộ THANHS.VN

Target Customers/Partners looking for

SMEs. Start-up business. Businessmen.

Products/Services Offered

Web development, Web/App development, Mobile App Development, Software Development, IT Outsourcing Product For Startup





Hard Skills

Volatility management skills, Inspiration and empowerment skills, Professional/professional knowledge, Behavioral and communication skills, Information processing and thinking skills

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